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  • Direct sales

    Jose Saenz

    Direct sales

    Below we show you some models which we can send immediately to your shop or home. DIRECT SALES - ONLINE SHOP

    Envío de zapatos Jose Saenz

  • Innovation

    Jose Saenz


    100% healthy On Steam lining. With an absorption capacity of 8 times its weight in water. Thanks to its heat regulating effect, it offers maximum comfort and total dryness.

  • Comfort

    Jose Saenz


    Flexibility and the lightweight materials used, as well as comfort, are the defining features of the models, conceived for the needs of today’s active, urban woman.

    Confortabilidad Jose Saenz

  • Identity

    Jose Saenz


    With a long family tradition in the footwear industry, Jose Saenz has been involved with shoes for over 30 years. After several years working for other brands in the footwear sector, the desire to put his philosophy into practice in his own shoes led him to set up his own brand: José Sáenz.

    Identidad Jose Saenz

  • Fashion

    Jose Saenz


    Our shoes respond to a unique personal vision for women today, who are looking for practical, comfortable shoes without neglecting the latest fashion trends.

    Moda Jose Saenz